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Big canvas prints

Your photo on canvas in extra large format – up to 100 in (2.5 metres). Frame thickness. 0.8 in (2 cm) / 1.6 in (4 cm)


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XXL sizes and prices

Overview of canvas prints in XXL formats. We offer canvasses in standard frames 0.8 in (2 cm) and gallery frames 1.6 in (4 cm).

Size RRP Price Choose size
L 140 x 105 cm £ 165.00 £ 195.00 select
XL 140 x 140 cm £ 202.00 £ 238.00 select
XL 150 x 100 cm £ 149.00 £ 169.00 select
XL 150 x 120 cm £ 155.00 £ 179.00 select
XL 160 x 120 cm £ 169.00 £ 189.00 select
XL 180 x 60 cm £ 129.00 £ 149.00 select
XXL 180 x 120 cm £ 217.00 £ 256.00 select
XXL 180 x 135 cm £ 238.00 £ 281.00 select
XXL 200 x 100 cm £ 189.00 £ 219.00 select
XXL 210 x 140 cm £ 276.00 £ 326.00 select
XL 240 x 80 cm £ 179.00 £ 209.00 select
XXL 240 x 120 cm £ 249.00 £ 289.00 select

Delivery discount available on multiple purchases (same size).
All sizes and prices
Prices incl. VAT.

Decorate large rooms and spaces with big canvas prints

Photos on canvas are ideal for larger sizes because they are at their most impressive in stately proportions. Photo-on-canvas.co.uk specialises in the printing of large formats and is an expert on the design and decoration of bigger rooms. Photo canvases are the optimal choice for superb wall decoration in extra large dimensions, especially because they make the most of your own photos. This point is also what makes the big canvas print so attractive for companies. In this way, representative rooms can be decorated impressively with large-scale photography.

Maximum sizes for big canvas prints

Photos on canvas in large formats come in all shapes and sizes. Your size requests are virtually unlimited – you can customise the dimensions for yourself! We can even manufacture your own custom sizes in 10 cm measurements. Photos with dimensions of 140 x 105 cm or 150 x 100 cm and over are classified as XXL.

Smallest “large” format: Largest prints:
180 x 60 cm 240 x 120 cm
140 x 105 cm 220 x 110 cm

Image quality/resolution and size for big canvas prints

Many wonder if their large canvas photo will look pixelated. For photos on canvas in larger formats particular care should be taken to upload a file of sufficient size. Photos uploaded in a RGB colour space can be printed particularly successfully and depict a greater depth of colour. However, we also achieve very good results from resolutions of 100 dpi or a file size of 2MB.

Larger canvas prints with robust frames

XXL sizes need more stability. Printing photos onto canvas in large formats is only possible thanks to solid, extra-strong frames giving the picture the necessary stability and enabling great tension. In contrast to the 2 cm recommended by us for normal sizes, we recommend gallery frames with a thickness of 4 cm for bigger canvas photos. In addition, all large formats are reinforced with supplementary rods. This makes your large print more resilient and, at the same time, more valuable. The durability of your canvas is also increased through the use of thicker frames.

big canvas print_town by the sea big family photo on canvas

Delivery of big canvas prints

We deliver your large canvas photo through the shipping companies UPS, DHL and trans-o-flex. This gives us the opportunity to select the right courier service depending on the order. This way, larger photos on canvas are printed and shipped securely as well as quickly. Your canvas will be wrapped securely in bubble-wrap and cardboard so that delivery is safe as well as smooth. The photo canvas is stretched on to the frame in our photo lab and arrives then ready to hang , meaning that all that´s left for you to do is sit back and wait for it to be delivered.

Large canvas mounting and fixing

Once your canvas print has been delivered to you, the question of how to hang it arises. In addition to the usual way of mounting photos using nails or screws, there are also other alternatives. Hooks or holders are suitable for this purpose. These can be screwed into the cross braces of the frame or the outer frame itself. The canvas can then be hung directly from the eyelets on the wall hook using nylon cord.

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