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Photo mosaic on canvas

Up to 1,000 photos
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Ready for dispatch: Monday, 15 Jul 2024
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Photo mosaic printed on canvas

The photo mosaic on canvas is a piece of wall art that is composed of one main image and many tiny photos. The mosaic canvas allows the photos from your holiday, a wedding or your whole life to be integrated into one large picture. The photo mosaic canvas is always popular because of the huge number of pictures that can be included in your canvas printing. A quick look and you’ll notice only the main image; then look closer and you’ll see the many tiny photos that make up this fascinating picture. Since there is so much to discover, looking at the mosaic canvas never grows old. Up to 1,000 photos can be used for one mosaic canvas. This is considerably more than can be used for a collage canvas, for example.

Tip: A simple, colourful main image works best for a photo mosaic on canvas

Create a photo mosaic – How it works…

Create a photo mosaic


  • How long does it take to create a photo mosaic?

    It goes pretty fast. Upload your photos and we will create your mosaic within a couple of hours. You will receive two free previews of your mosaic. If you want us to print the mosaic, you can choose a photo product and size.

    With our Next Day EXPRESS delivery service we can send it to you within 24 hours if your order is placed before 11 a.m..

  • Do I have to install a special software?

    Nope! You just need a working internet connection and - of course - your photos.

  • How many photos should I use?

    You need at least 30 photos + 1 photo for the main image. Bur you can use up to 1,000 single pictures. The more photos the better the result.

  • How large will the final mosaic be?

    The smallest printing size is 60 x 40 cm. You can have your mosaic printed up to 150 x 100 cm directly via our website. For larger sizes or print runs just get in touch with us.

  • Which printing materials can I choose from?

    You can have your mosaic printed on poster, canvas, acrylic or aluminium. Find more info on our products here.

Mosaic photo canvas

The photo mosaic canvas is often ordered as a gift. So you should heed the following tips to make sure you have the perfect gift on time for the occasion. You will choose the format and size during the ordering process for your mosaic canvas. After creating your photo mosaic canvas, you will have to decide on the thickness of the stretcher frame you prefer. Here you should know that the 4 cm gallery frame is basically more attractive than the 2 cm standard stretcher frame. For reasons of stability, the 4 cm variant should in any case be chosen for a mosaic canvas of more than 1 metre in length.

collage transfer

Did you know?

Collage maker for lots of photos

Create collage

Mosaic canvas prints

It will take only a few hours to create your mosaic canvas once you have uploaded the photos. We create the mosaic for you and will send you the results as a preview. If you are happy with the preview, you can have it printed as a mosaic canvas. This generally takes a few days. For particularly urgent orders, we offer an express service. The finished mosaic canvas will then be sent out on the next working day. If you need it even faster, we can recommend our 24 hour service. In this case you’re guaranteed to receive your mosaic canvas the very next day.

Tip: Use as many small pictures as possible for your photo mosaic canvas (max. 1,000 pics).

Further information

perspective mosaic canvas with bridal pair

Image: Photo mosaic on canvas + detailed view of individual photos

Photo mosaic information

  • Upload up to 1,000 photos
  • Individual photos of 2.5 cm print size
  • Finished canvas stretched over frame

canvas mosaic in living room_example bridal pair

Image: Photo mosaic 120 x 80 cm on 2 cm wooden frame

Detailed information

  • Upload up to 1,000 photos - tiles appear in 2.5 cm print size
  • 2 different photo mosaic previews created
  • Printed on 360 g/m² cotton, real artist’s canvas
  • Stretched onto wooden frame + 8 tensioning wedges incl.
  • Printed with latest HP True Colour Technology©
  • Environmentally friendly: over 99% renewable materials
Canvas print

Acrylic glass


S 60 x 30 cm£69.00--£29.90
S 60 x 40 cm£79.00£99.00£89.00£29.90
S 60 x 45 cm£79.00£99.00£89.00£29.90
S 60 x 60 cm£79.00£99.00£89.00£32.90
S 80 x 40 cm£79.00£99.00£89.00£30.90
M 80 x 60 cm£99.00£119.00£109.00£39.90
M 80 x 80 cm£99.00£119.00£109.00£55.90
M 90 x 60 cm£99.00£119.00£109.00£43.90
M 100 x 50 cm£99.00--£43.90
M 100 x 75 cm£119.00£139.00£299.00£56.90
L 100 x 100 cm£119.00£169.00£199.00£71.90
M 105 x 70 cm£119.00£169.00£289.00£53.90
M 120 x 60 cm£119.00£169.00£199.00£54.90
L 120 x 80 cm£139.00£169.00£199.00£77.90
L 120 x 90 cm£139.00£169.00£199.00£80.90
L 120 x 120 cm£149.00£299.00£499.00-
XL 150 x 100 cm£179.00£309.00£499.00£102.90
XL 160 x 120 cm£179.00£389.00£619.00-

Delivery discount on multiple purchases (same size)

When will your canvas print be delivered:

Select size
Delivered to
Next Day*

Order weekdays until 11 a.m.:
* Guaranteed delivery next working day
** Prioritised production and standard delivery

Our delivery companies: delivery logogs small b/w

Delivered to

Size Next Day EXPRESS Upgrade PRIO Upgrade Delivery
XS 30 x 20 cm £69.95 £5.95 £22.95
XS 40 x 30 cm £69.95 £5.95 £22.95
XS 45 x 30 cm £69.95 £5.95 £22.95
S 60 x 40 cm £74.95 £7.95 £15.95
S 60 x 45 cm £74.95 £7.95 £15.95
S 75 x 50 cm £74.95 £7.95 £15.95
M 80 x 60 cm £74.95 £7.95 £15.95
M 90 x 60 cm £79.95 £9.95 £19.95
M 100 x 75 cm £79.95 £9.95 £19.95
M 105 x 70 cm £95.95 £12.95 £19.95
L 120 x 80 cm £95.95 £12.95 £19.95
L 120 x 90 cm £95.95 £12.95 £19.95

Prices incl. VAT.
Delivery discount on multiple purchases (same size)
All delivery prices and times

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