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canvas prints panoramic apartment

Tip: For long panorama canvas prints from a width of 100 cm, we recommend the 4 cm gallery-format wooden frame.

Your individual Panorama Canvas Print

The design of the sides for a panorama canvas print is not as challenging as you might think. There are 4 different side options available. If you go for wrapped edges, you may "lose" a part of your image is this part will be wrapped around the wooden frame. In our preview mode you can see how much of your photo will be used for the sides.

An alternative is the mirrored edge option as the entire motif is preserved and a part of your photo will simply be mirrored and then wrapped.

If you want to have your panoramic canvas printed in black & white, a monochrome edge will look fantastic. This means that your selected motif will not be compromised and the printed edge will match your panoramic canvas perfectly.

  • Wrapped
  • Black
  • White
  • Mirrored

split canvas transfer

Did you know?

Your photo as a multi canvas print

Create split canvas

The panoramic canvas print

panoramic canvas print mirrored

The panoramic canvas print is a spectacular design object.
We print your canvas in panoramic sizes up to 240 x 120 cm. From £25.

The panorama canvas: a photo print with a really good perspectives

Are you a fan of photographs on canvas? Then you should really get to know the panorama canvas. This variant of the large canvas print comes in many different formats and is therefore very easy to customise.

The special thing about the panorama canvas is that it always comes in a very strongly stylised rectangular format in a ratio of 2:1 or 3:1. The fabulous image width of the panorama canvas makes it especially perfect for large images with perspective!

Canvas in panorama style - these motifs are particularly beautiful

Personalised canvas prints really come into their own on very large formats. So for the canvas applies: the bigger and wider, the better. The panoramic canvas is no exception. On the contrary: with its specific image ratio, it enables unique image crops that set the scene for particularly sweeping and distant motifs.

Skylines, large vehicles, bridges or, more generally, urban and modern photographs with a panoramic look become particularly beautiful.

However, the same applies to plant motifs or holiday photos, which are intended to convey a certain breadth and lavishness. Especially pictures of the sea, of the mountains or deep, green forests and meadows are well suited to the panoramic format.

But this isn’t all: group photos, portraits, pictures of festivals or couples photos also look extremely impressive in the panorama format. The same applies to animal photos or photographs from a museum or in public places.

Print panoramic image: How it works!

You don't have to do much to order a panoramic canvas from us. Fortunately, the most important thing comes right at the beginning: choosing the right image. First, you should select a photo file that has a resolution of at least 10 megapixels. It is also important that it is a maximum of 50 MB in size.

For upload to our website, your photo should also be available in JPG or PNG format.

Since most smartphones and cameras output photo files like this anyway, you don't usually have to worry about it.

After uploading your photo, it's time to get done to business: now you can freely choose how big you want to print your panoramic image. We have 12 different panorama sizes at your disposal, all of which have been optimised for the panoramic look. This means that you don't have to worry about the image ratio in any of the formats offered. Our quality promise is always the same: our canvasses come in artist quality without exception.

They are made of the finest cotton, at 360 g per square metre. This is important for the unique structure of the canvas surface, but of course also for excellent colour reproduction. Since we only work with state-of-the-art printing technologies, we can provide you with a colour guarantee of 75 years.

Once you have your picture and the appropriate format, you can choose between 4 different edge options. Above all, you should consider whether the image should stop at the edge of your canvas or continue over the edges. In addition to the wrap-printed border, we also offer the mirrored edge as well as monochrome edges in black and white.

Save all of these details and you’re done! Now you can select your shipping method and soon look forward to a new, freshly printed panorama image.

3 tips for your perfect panoramic image on canvas

1. Adjust the motif and crop to the panorama format: Since the panorama image is very wide, your photo should of course be similarly formatted. Square pictures or motifs which are very centred are not ideally suited to the panoramic image on canvas.

You should therefore either take your photo explicitly in panorama format or consider only elongated or rectangular photographs when selecting your image. If your image crop still doesn't want to fit properly, you can also easily crop it manually.

2. Don’t fear closeness and distance: Especially because of the extreme image ratios of the panorama canvas, you can immerse yourself wonderfully in a photographic game of closeness and distance. The panoramic format is not only suitable for wide panoramic views of landscapes or roaring seas, but can also beautifully render close-ups of meadows, leaves or colourful flowers.

Just try out a few variations. You will be amazed at how beautiful the results will be.

3. Select a photo with a clear main focus: Another trick in dealing with the panoramic image is the choice of a motif in which a person, an animal, an object or a backdrop is clearly in focus. Ideally, this main focus then fills a large part of the elongated image area. This is particularly successful with photos of people lying down, landscapes or photographs of large animal.

However, it can also be nice to photograph or crop your subject so that it is a little to the side. This leaves a small margin on one side, creating a slight visual imbalance, but to great effect, especially with motifs in motion.

Customer reviews

Elaine W.

Review in United Kingdom

Product: Canvas print Verified purchase

The cavas was high quality and exceeded my expectations

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Paul D.

Review in Ware

Product: Canvas print Verified purchase

Excellent service, and was the only site I could find that would take a very large .jpg file as an input.

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Review in Exeter

Product: Canvas print Verified purchase

Photo on canvas looks amazing

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Review in BARKING

Product: Canvas print Verified purchase

Fantastic service and a very good price

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Further information

canvas print perspective panorama city

Image: panoramic canvas print 120 x 60 cm

Panoramic print information

  • Choose from 12 panoramic formats
  • In aspect ratios of 2:1 and 3:1
  • Finished canvas stretched over frame

panoramic canvas photo example city skyline

Image: panoramic canvas print

Detailed information

  • Choose from 12 panoramic print sizes in aspect ratio of 2:1 and 3:1 ultra-wide format
  • Panoramic formats also available in extra large sizes – up to max. 100 x 50 in 250 x 125 cm
  • Printed on real artist’s canvas made from 360 g/m² cotton
  • Stretched onto a real wooden frame + 8 tensioning wedges also included
  • Printed with the latest HEWLETT PACKARD© (HP – True Color Technology) directly onto canvas
  • Environmentally friendly: Produced using more than 99% renewable raw materials

Your canvas is available in the following thickness: 2 cm / 4 cm

Size RRP Price Choose size
XS 40 x 20 cm £25.00 £35.00select
S 60 x 20 cm £30.00 £40.00select
S 60 x 30 cm £35.00 £45.00select
S 80 x 40 cm £50.00 £60.00select
S 90 x 30 cm £45.00 £55.00select
M 90 x 45 cm £60.00 £74.00select
M 100 x 50 cm £65.00 £77.00select
M 120 x 40 cm £70.00 £80.00select
M 120 x 60 cm £80.00 £96.00select
L 140 x 70 cm £90.00 £108.00select
L 150 x 50 cm £85.00 £99.00select
L 150 x 75 cm £115.00 £133.00select

Delivery discount on multiple purchases (same size)

When will your canvas print be delivered:

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Order weekdays until 11 a.m.:
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Size Next Day EXPRESS Upgrade PRIO Upgrade Delivery
XS 30 x 20 cm £69.95 £5.95 £22.95
XS 40 x 30 cm £69.95 £5.95 £22.95
XS 45 x 30 cm £69.95 £5.95 £22.95
S 60 x 40 cm £74.95 £7.95 £15.95
S 60 x 45 cm £74.95 £7.95 £15.95
S 75 x 50 cm £74.95 £7.95 £15.95
M 80 x 60 cm £74.95 £7.95 £15.95
M 90 x 60 cm £79.95 £9.95 £19.95
M 100 x 75 cm £79.95 £9.95 £19.95
M 105 x 70 cm £95.95 £12.95 £19.95
L 120 x 80 cm £95.95 £12.95 £19.95
L 120 x 90 cm £95.95 £12.95 £19.95

Prices incl. VAT.
Delivery discount on multiple purchases (same size)
All delivery prices and times

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