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Popular custom sizes

SizeRRPPriceChoose size
XS50 x 30 cm£35.00 £43.00select
XS50 x 40 cm£40.00 £50.00select
S60 x 50 cm£50.00 £62.00select
S70 x 40 cm£45.00 £53.00select
S70 x 50 cm£50.00 £63.00select
M75 x 60 cm£60.00 £70.00select
M90 x 50 cm£65.00 £76.00select
M100 x 60 cm£70.00 £83.00select
M100 x 80 cm£85.00 £100.00select

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Print photo canvasses in custom sizes

You can’t find the right size for your photo canvas in our size charts? In addition to the 153 formats for photo printing, we also offer you the option of creating a canvas in a customised format. This provides you with the opportunity to print your favourite motif in special format on canvas and to make the perfect selection based on occasion or decor. This way, you’ll have the ideal canvas size for every motif.

What custom formats are available?

In principle, special requests for photo prints are possible in all orientations and many aspect ratios: portrait or landscape, panorama, XXL panorama or in the square look. Even round formats are theoretically possible. You’ll find especially large sizes on our page under XXL canvasses.

Popular formats:

  • Classic 3:2 format
  • Digital photo format 4:3
  • Square photo canvasses
  • Panorama canvas (side ratio 2:1 and 3:1)
  • XXL formats
  • Photo collages
  • Multi-part images

Ordering custom-sized canvasses

What’s the easiest way to print my own individual canvas print? Quite easily via our customer service. Simply send an email with information on your desired custom format to our contact address and we’ll get in touch without delay. Please include the required width and height in round centimetres. Unfortunately it is not possible to make canvases down to the millimetre. The maximum width for custom canvas production is 140 cm. The maximum length is 300 cm. For round custom designs we need to know the diameter of the desired image.

canvas print custom size in living room square custom size on canvas

Custom canvasses according to DIN norms and frame formats

Typical special sizes for canvases are standardised DIN sizes. These are often used for events and promotional purposes, especially in the commercial sector. We can produce these DIN-similar special canvas sizes for you:

DIN formatDIN size in mm (height x width)Canvas in cm (height x width)
A01189 x 841 mm120 x 85 cm
A1841 x 594mm85 x 60 cm
A2594 x 420 mm60 x 40 cm
A3420 x 297 mm45 x 30 cm
A4297 x 210 mm30 x 20 cm
A5210 x 148 mm20 x 20 cm
A6148 x 105 mm
A7105 x 74 mm
A874 x 52 mm

Picture frame formats are also standardised sizes. There are 38 of these, and they conform to the known DIN dimensions. We can supply for many standard frame sizes using rounded canvas sizes, for example 30 x 45 cm, 50 x 65 cm or 60 x 60 cm.

Special price for special formats on canvas

The price of the canvas varies according to the size of the custom canvas. Our size-price calculator above will help you determine the price for your own personal canvas format. If your size is not listed in the calculator, you can always send us your request for a custom size. After all, it’s not always the case that your picture fits a standard canvas. We’ll reply to your inquiry with a non-binding offer, no matter whether it’s for a giant panorama or a custom canvas in life-size with a photo of a member of your family.

An extended delivery period is possible

The customised manufacture of a photo on canvas can lead to some modifications in the delivery schedule. After all, we personally take delivery of your photo and fit it to your own specially selected format. It might take a little longer than usual before you have your individually customised canvas in your hands. We’ll make every effort to adjust the printing process quickly and effectively to the unique size, and even the frame will be made extra for your custom canvas.

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