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Canvas printing - file and resolution

Can I have my photo printed onto canvas?

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It couldn’t be easier to test your own photo for suitability: Just drag your photo over to the “upload” field or use the orange button. The resolution of your photo file will be checked automatically. If your photo is suitable, you can have the different, possible sizes of canvas displayed.

The optimal resolution for printing on canvas

Not everyone has photo editing skills or is familiar with the file requirements for a photo on canvas. But, particularly with canvas printing, you can ensure a good result when you follow a few simple rules. We have put together the 4 best tips.

Tip: JPEG is the best file format for transmitting your images for the print on canvas.

Tipp: A JPEG file with 2 mb already has a sufficient resolution for turning it into a stunning canvas print. .

Tipp: We offer canvas prints with 2 frame thickness options. The 4 cm gallery frame looks even more classy.

Free Pro Tip: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. An orange should work as well – we guess.

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What resolution should your photo have?

The canvas print will turn out well when your printing file has a high resolution. You can calculate the resolution and therefore the image quality for canvas here:

The size of the canvas you want in cm:

Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Minimum resolution in pixels
1900 x 1900 px

The resolution of your file in pixels:

Height (Pixel)
Width (Pixel)
Max. canvas size
80 x 80 cm

JPEG, TIFF or PDF – Which image format is suitable?

Which files are suitable for creating a canvas? The JPEG format is the one we see the most. This is the standard format and the best combination of file size and image quality. For this reason, 95% of all canvases are printed from a JPEG file. The printing results of the photo canvas are already very good for a resolution of 100 dpi, especially when the compression rate is set at the highest quality level.

The TIFF format is another image format that is sometimes used by digital cameras. The storage requirement for a TIFF file is several times greater than for a JPEG file.

The advantage of the barely better printing quality is cancelled out by the significantly longer time these files take to upload. A TIFF file should always be converted into a JPEG before ordering.

The PDF format is the accepted standard these days for exchanging printing files. But the PDF format is not necessary for a photo on canvas. It can be uploaded and printed but doesn’t make a significant difference in the data exchange process.

Does a colour profile improve the result of a print on canvas?

When printing onto canvas, a colour profile will guarantee that the colours are reproduced identically on the canvas. This is important for the printing of logos and CI colours for companies but also for the precise implementation of artistic projects. We accept two standard colour profiles: Adobe RGB or S-RGB. Black & white photos on canvas should be uploaded as monochrome image files to avoid any undesirable colour effects.

canvas black white

Canvas printing pixel calculator for download

The pixel calculator is available for download so you can really play it safe. After all, a low image resolution could lead to unsatisfactory printing results in the end.

Download our current Excel calculator to calculate the necessary pixel resolution for your photo file. This service is free of charge. Alternatively, you can enter the number of pixels of your photo and have the corresponding size calculated for you.

excel download

The Excel file is available here in Excel 2003 file format and can be opened by any spreadsheet application. Simply click on the file symbol and download the resolution calculator.

It’s very easy to use the resolution calculator:

  1. Enter the planned final format, height and width, of your photo canvas.
  2. Select the quality level you require for your print.
  3. The required resolution will be displayed automatically.
  4. We will also show you the necessary quantity of megapixels. This will tell you if the resolution of your digital camera images is suitable for canvas printing.

Perfect resolution!

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More tips:

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