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Canvas Edge Options

Canvas Print Side Options

The 4 variants of photo canvas edge design:

  • Wrapped edge
    The image continues over the edge.
    This provides the picture with a 3D effect.
  • Black edge
    The entire image is on the front of the canvas print.
    The edge is then printed in black.
  • White edge
    The entire image is on the front of the canvas print.
    The edge is then printed in white.
  • Mirrored edge
    The image is mirrored on the edge to the same depth as the frame.
    The image itself is depicted in its entirety on the front of the canvas.
  • Wrapped
  • Black
  • White
  • Mirrored

Which side design should you choose for a photo canvas?

Wrapped, mirrored, black or white – there’s a perfect edge for every canvas print.

Leinwandfoto.de recommends the wrapped edge because this achieves the best possible 3D effect for your canvas. This option is therefore set as default. If you want the motif to appear completely on the front, the mirrored edge is the best choice.

Did you know? For canvas prints from 100x100 cm and bigger we recommend a 4 cm strong wooden frame. Thus, the image proportions will be more harmoniously.

Canvas print with 2 cm or 4 cm frame?

2 cm Standard

Stretcher frame


canvas frame large view 2cm

4 cm Gallery

Stretcher frame


canvas frame large view 4cm

How will the canvas print be stretched on the frame?

The canvas is mounted on a wooden stretcher frame. This provides the image with a special, three-dimensional effect and, with its high-quality appearance, sets it apart from numerous other photo products such as posters or large-format paper photo prints. The frame is available in two different thicknesses: the 2 cm standard variant or the 4 cm gallery version.

Depending on the frame thickness you choose for your canvas, we wrap part of your photo around the frame so that the photo continues around the edge in an aesthetically pleasing way. This wrapping of the image around the edge also gives your photo an impressive 3D effect.

But this effect isn’t always absolutely necessary, for example when the print will subsequently be mounted in a regular photo frame. In this case, it would be better to forego the partial loss of motif through wrapping around the frame. For this, we offer printing with a white or black edge.

Canvas photo prints, edge & frames

canvas edge option

The photo canvas has a great advantage over other large-format photo products: Because the print is mounted on a stretcher frame, the product seems three-dimensional – in contrast to all other photo products. This effect is amplified when the photo image on the front is carried over around the edge. This way, the photo canvas becomes a three-dimensional decorative object.

If you prefer not to lose any of the image motif from the front of the canvas, you have the option of ordering a canvas with a black or white edge. The great advantage of this variant: the motif is retained completely on the front of the canvas.

5 tips for the edge design of your photo canvas

  1. The larger the photo canvas, the less of the motif is lost when it is wrapped over the edge.
  2. Choose a single-colour edge according to the motif of your canvas: choose a white edge when the colours of your photo are lighter and a black edge when the colours are darker.
  3. The larger the canvas print, the thicker the frame should be.
  4. You can already add the edge for your image in Photoshop: the 2 cm standard stretcher frame requires a 3 cm edge allowance and the 4 cm gallery stretcher frame requires a 5 cm edge allowance.
  5. If you have any questions on creating an edge for a photo canvas, just send us a mail or call us.

More tips:

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