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Metal prints on Alu-Dibond

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  • Original 3 mm Alu-Dibond©
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Customer reviews


Review in Exeter

Product: Metal print Verified purchase

Photo on canvas looks amazing

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Review in BARKING

Product: Metal print Verified purchase

Fantastic service and a very good price

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Steve B.

Review in United Kingdom

Product: Metal print Verified purchase

The photos themselves are great. The delivery experience was awful because I was giving no choice as to when to receive them. I found a way of calling UPS and tried to change a delivery date as was out of the country. Their adviser said they had changed it to a new date but when I returned UPS had just left all the artwork outside my house!! Thankfully it hadn't rained (and they hadn't been stolen) but I'm not at all happy about that. I've complained to UPS but I think you guys need to make a way where people can alter delivery dates more easily, ideally at the start of the process.

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Review in Northchurch

Product: Metal print Verified purchase

I was really impressed with the quality of the enlargement we received. At 100cm x 100cm I was concerned it the quality might have been degraded but it was absolutely fantastic.

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Further information

Video: Metal print 45 x 30 cm

Alu-Dibond information

  • Alu-Dibond from Thyssen Krupp©
  • Océ – Canon™ print technology
  • Up to 200 years fade resistance
  • Semi-gloss or brushed surface finish

living space example lion on acrylic print

Image: Metal print 45 x 30 cm

Detailed information

  • Sturdy Alu-Dibond© compound structure – 2 choices of frame thickness
  • Choose from 3 mounting systems – incl. “floating” mount
  • Alu-Dibond© available in a white, semi-gloss and a metallic, brushed surface finish
  • Printed directly onto Aluminium sheet© using cutting edge Canon™ print technology including white print
  • Aluminum printing also in XXL sizes up to 2 metres

Your metal print is available in the following finishes: white semi-gloss / metallic brushed surface

Size RRP Price Choose size
XS 20 x 20 cm £25.00 £19.00 £19.00select
XS 30 x 20 cm £35.00 £35.00select
XS 40 x 30 cm £59.00 £40.00 £40.00select
XS 40 x 40 cm £45.00 £45.00select
S 60 x 40 cm £89.00 £60.00 £60.00select
S 60 x 45 cm £65.00 £65.00select
S 60 x 60 cm £75.00 £75.00select
M 80 x 60 cm £99.00 £80.00 £80.00select
M 80 x 80 cm £95.00 £95.00select
M 90 x 60 cm £85.00 £85.00select
L 100 x 100 cm £180.00 £180.00select
L 120 x 80 cm £299.00 £180.00 £180.00select
L 120 x 90 cm £299.00 £180.00 £180.00select

Next day delivery only available if ordered before 11 a.m..
Prices incl. VAT.

When will your metal print be delivered?

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Order weekdays until 11 a.m.:
* Guaranteed delivery next working day
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Size Next Day EXPRESS Upgrade PRIO Upgrade Delivery
XS 30 x 20 cm £69.95 £5.95 £22.95
XS 40 x 30 cm £69.95 £5.95 £22.95
XS 45 x 30 cm £69.95 £5.95 £22.95
S 60 x 40 cm £74.95 £7.95 £15.95
S 60 x 45 cm £74.95 £7.95 £15.95
S 75 x 50 cm £74.95 £7.95 £15.95
M 80 x 60 cm £74.95 £7.95 £15.95
M 90 x 60 cm £79.95 £9.95 £19.95
M 100 x 75 cm £79.95 £9.95 £19.95
M 105 x 70 cm £95.95 £12.95 £19.95
L 120 x 80 cm £95.95 £12.95 £19.95
L 120 x 90 cm £95.95 £12.95 £19.95

Prices incl. VAT.
Delivery discount available on multiple purchases (same size).
All prices and delivery times

Couple Harry Steel 20
Image mounting example couple product mounting harry small mounting example steel
Components 4-part set comprising
2 mounts & 2 spacers
4-part set incl. screws
15 mm diameter
4-part set incl. screws
20 mm diameter
Weight capacity Holds up to 6 kg
approx. 120 x 90 cm
Suitable for all photo sizes Suitable for all photo sizes
Impression “Floating” effect High-quality stainless steel High-quality stainless steel fixture
Suitable for
Other Assembly instructions incl. Assembly instructions incl. Drilling & assembly instructions excl.
Price £12.95 £23.80 £18.95

Metal prints: an all-round product in top quality

Aluminium is by far the least well-known medium for image printing in private photo printing use. However, metallic print lacks nothing that other photo products such as canvas, acrylic glass or posters can offer. Quite the opposite, in fact: Alu-Dibond has certain qualities that make it unique and perfect for printing in large format. This is one reason why many photo exhibitions rely on this material and photo experts like to work with this product, especially when it comes to oversized prints.

The properties of Alu-Dibond

Alu-Dibond consists of two thin aluminium sheets which are held together in the middle by a plastic polyethylene core. Since both materials are very light, the end product is also a light yet dimensionally stable photographic print. Since we print the photo directly on to the aluminium rather than sticking it on, you will receive a 3 mm thick, extremely stable premium photo product. The product is waterproof and temperature resistant, making it the ideal photo print for hanging in the bathroom. Alu-Dibond is also a sought-after medium for outdoors or for a backsplash in the kitchen.

Bathroom example metal print with polar bear living space example alu-dibond Greek

What relevance does the white or brushed finish have?

Colours appear particularly brilliant when they are printed using UV direct printing processes on to metal. The difference between semi-matte, white Alu-Dibond or the brushed variant in the surface finish. A semi-matte finish presents the original colours of your photo with excellent colour resolution and brilliance. A brushed finish allows your Alu-Dibond to appear fine and resplendently metallic, and gives your metal print a unique structure. For this reason, a matte finish is better suited to bright rooms with lots of light reflections. The aluminium photo print is, however, sometimes a little cheaper.

Typical applications of metal prints

Thanks to their unique properties, aluminium photo prints are readily used in the advertising or trade show industry and by exhibitors. But it is also the ideal photo product for private individuals. In addition to its feather-like weight, it also convinces with its detail and image sharpness. This makes the picture easy to hang and also easy to transport in the case of moving house. Alu-Dibond is ideal for the creation of collages and spectacular motifs for your living space.

With us, you can very simply order your own custom metal print. We can cut your photo on Alu-Dibond to the millimetre. In addition to our standard sizes, you can have your aluminium photo print manufactured in your preferred size, so that it harmonises perfectly with your interior design. Whether panorama, portrait or square format, we’ll help you find the right size for you. Simply write to us with your inquiry at contact and we’ll get back to you without delay.

Order aluminium photo prints cheaply

Alu-Dibond is certainly one of the more exclusive media for photos and the materials used are correspondingly high quality and expensive. Nevertheless, we regularly have special offers allowing you to order particular sizes at great value prices.

Prices of metal prints compared to acrylic glass:

Size Metal Print Acrylic Print
20 x 20 cm £19,00 £19,00
80 x 60 cm £80,00 £75,00
120 x 90 cm £180,00 £180,00

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