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Canvas printing

The last twenty years has seen the photo on canvas really evolve. Direct photo-realistic printing has been around for approximately two decades and today it is impossible to differentiate it from classic film exposure. But there’s also a lot more to canvas printing than just the printing process.

Printing on canvas – how it works

Your photo files are very important. In an ideal world you will have an image file with a good resolution for printing on canvas. However it must be noted that photo prints or slides also have just the same amount of potential to become a very good canvas print.

canvas print production figure 3

Canvas stretched over frame
After printing, the canvas is then stretched onto a wooden frame. This frame is available in a choice of two thicknesses; 0.8 in (2 cm) standard & 1.6 in (4 cm) gallery.

canvas print production figure 1

Stretching the canvas
The canvas print is stretched by hand around the wooden frame and then tightened. This ensures that the canvas lies wrinkle-free across the frame.

canvas print production figure 2

Once the canvas has been stretched over the frame, the corners are formed. These are so designed that the image is wrapped around the frame. This allows the image to also be recognised from the side.

canvas print production figure 4

Fastening the corners
The corners of the canvas print are stretched in a way that allows the image to be viewed from the side. Now properly secured, the canvas can be hung up straight away.

Production of a canvas print

Here’s how a photo on canvas is produced

canvas print production-step-1

1. Assembling the frame

Depending on the desired size, the frame for your canvas is custom-built.

canvas print production-step-2

2. Stretching the canvas

Then the photo is printed on canvas and tightly stretched onto the wooden frame.

canvas print production-step-3

3. Fastening the canvas

Once stretched, and using special tools, the canvas is fastened to the frame.

canvas print production-step-4

4. Retightening

Tensioning wedges are included so you can retighten the print. Click here to learn more about hanging and cleaning.

canvas print in living room view 1
  • canvas print in living room view 1
  • canvas print wooden frame details view
  • couple photo on canvas print variation 1

Detailed information about your canvas print

Your vibrant & colourful canvas print is created via an elaborate printing process. You’ll be delighted with the high-quality finish.

  • Life-long colour guarantee
  • Made in Germany
  • 2cm standard frame or 4cm gallery frame

Ready for dispatch: Thursday 23 November

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